Vienna, the city of love


by Kok hong, tags: Travel

Got here by train from Budapest. Rushed to train station and luckily, they have tickets to Vienna still but unable to get seat reservations which ended up, I've got to sit in the restaurant cart. They got beer and stuff there so it's not too bad. I meetup with Debbie and visited churches as usual. You'll see lots of awesome and beautifully built churches everywhere in Europe.

We then visited the opera. I must say, that is my most worth full euro spend in my trip. 4 euro for an excellent opera. The story is about some animal and human. The animation, play and music was splendid. I din't know opera is that good until I visited Vienna.

kok hong Opera at Vienna

Opera at Vienna

We went for dinner after we got our tickets. Walking around and found a nice place at the subway. I think it's around 7-8 euros for a dish. The portion was crazily huge!

kok hong Asian food at the subway

Asian food at the subway

I was busy with some work in the morning for most days so I'll visit some places that I think is nice and meetup with Debbie at night for walk and dinner. Schnitzel is a must when you visit Vienna, there is a place where I went which serve really good schnitzel nearby the big church but just make sure you are hungry because the portion again is humongous. Two huge slice of perfectly cook veil schnitzel. Eventually we needed to say goodbye as Debbie is on her way to Cesky Krumlov via a midnight and I'll only be heading to Cesky the next morning. My two cent, If you want a romantic place to travel with your love one, Vienna is one of the place that you should visit.

After spending 3 days, I says goodbye to Debbie as she's taking a night bus to Cesky while I'll be leaving the next morning with a charted car. This is where I says goodbye to my travel partner and unofficial tour guide.