Hamele @Web Submmit, Dublin


by Kok hong, tags: Startup , Travel

Web Summit and Guinness. This two reason was a big factor when me and my co-founder Karu decided we'll get the tickets and fly to Dublin for the Web Summit even though there's been more stories about plane accidents than ever. We've got nothing to lose, except the money that we spend since ringgit is pretty sad when its compared to euro.

kok hong Good morning Dublin

Good morning Dublin

kok hong Awesome breakfast

Awesome breakfast

kok hong Coloured sheep! Mehhh

Coloured sheep! Mehhh

There ain't many south east asian startup that joined the summit. Mainly is due to the cost i think but it was a good event imho and thumbs up to Dublin for taking this opportunity to lure all sort of people to the venue. It was a good introduction to food, culture and the growing tech scene in Dublin. Not to forget the pub crawl!

kok hong Team Hamele!

Team Hamele!

It was an eye opening event for us. We only got ticket for Hamele's exhibition on the second day but we're lucky to get some tips from fellow Malaysian which enable us showcase Hamele on the third day of the summit as well. Startups, media, investors, random people. They are all there walking around trying to discover cool ideas and have a chat with one another.

The energy and experience that we get from the trip will inspire and keep us growing. Can't wait to go back there again to have a pint with our new friends at Dublin. And below is one of the most famous people we met in Dublin!

kok hong Say hello to Mr.Kim!

Say hello to Mr.Kim!